Comprehensive Dental Exams


At Craigieburn Junction Dental, we offer you the comprehensive check up to identify any dental issues which you might not be aware of as well. It is always advised to have regular check ups so that we can identify and treat issues before they get worse and leave you to a point where you would then have to invest more time and money, fixing it.

We recommend professional cleanings and check ups every 6 months to keep up a good oral health. Annual dental exams can help catch small pockets or decay, cracks or other issues that need treatment. Getting these problems fixed when they first start not only protects your smile, it can save you money. As an example,it is much less expensive to remove a small cavity or repair a hairline crack just by doing a filling than to need root canal therapy or a dental crown if these issues were not arrested and allowed to progress..

As a good news,most dental insurance plans cover cleanings and checkups under preventive care and we charge NO GAP. Even if you do not have insurance, we try to make your preventative care affordable. Talk to our team about the payment plan options.

We encourage you to engage in routine dental care and we will help you to get there.. Contact us today to schedule your next checkup.