Extractions and Wisdom Tooth Removal

Dental extractions sound painful especially getting a wisdom tooth removed !!!

We do our best to restore your natural healthy smile without having to remove any teeth but there can be instances, when removal of a tooth is in best interest for you. Most of the times , infected teeth can be saved with Root Canal treatments, but sometimes the tooth is so jeopardized that it cannot be saved and needs to be extracted but you should not be afraid about it because we try our best to do it in a very relaxed and comfortable environment.

Dr Prabhjot puts her heart in the extractions to make it as comfortable as possible. You will be numbed up with our topical gel before the needle goes in to minimise the pinching sensation of needle and then the extraction is carried as gentle as possible.


Wisdom teeth can be quite tricky. They may erupt normally in our mouth without causing any problem and stay there just as other teeth but they can cause a lot of issues as well. They usually erupt around late teen age and if the mouth does not have enough space to accommodate them, they may get impacted in the bone. Impacted wisdom teeth may or may not need removal. In the instances, where it is becoming painful, associated with any pathology or doing a damage to adjacent structures, it then needs to be removed.

In the removal process, the dentist may have to raise the gum and cut the bone around it to ease its removal. It is then called surgical extraction.

As with all other areas of general dentistry, Dr Prabhjot is passionate about wisdom teeth extractions as well. Rarely, if a wisdom tooth has very curved roots or is very close to the nerves, she would refer you to an Oral Surgeon.

If you think your wisdom tooth is becoming a concern lately and you are looking for a dentist, TALK TO US TODAY!!!